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A Melting Mold is a tank which is used to weld the electrochemical protection cables when repaired and in putting main pipelines with the diameter of up to 1420 mm. The product is made from fire and heat resistant materials. The mold is filled with a thermite mixture. When being ignited, the thermite mixture starts burning, the metal inside the melting mold melts to form highly strong compound. The melting mold for thermite welding is made in two configurations – it can be consumable and reusable.

Features of a Reusable Melting Mold

  • A Reusable Melting Mold can be used many times with no impact on quality. Welding reaction of steel and copper results in developing highly durable alloy which does not suffer from the aggressive environment and corrosion impacts.
  • A reusable graphite melting mold is highly heat resistant. It is equipped with magnetic shoes to be kept on a pipe, at the skews of the melting mold hole.
  • Thermomixture is put inside and is ignited with a thermal match by placing it in an ignition hole of the melting mold.
  • In case of a reusable melting mold, you can use a thermocrayon, delayed burning cord, which is ignited by a match, instead of a copper thermite mixture.

Features of a Consumable Melting Mold

  • A Consumable Melting Mold RTF is a ceramic mold with a membrane, thermomixture portion and an igniting element inside it. The ceramic housing is low heat resistant which helps to reduce heat load on the pipe.
  • There are two alternatives for ignition:
    1. The product is ignited through the outside delayed burning cord.
    2. The melting mold is ignited remotely with electricity supply. A battery can serve to be a power source for electrical ignition.
  • A Consumable Melting Mold RTF is ready for welding and does not require any preparation prior its start-up, it is suitable to be used in the fields.
Please contact EHZ-CENTER to buy the Melting Molds. Check the price for Reusable or Consumable Melting Molds at 8-800-250-11-83. You can also send a request at an email address. A guide price for the Reusable or Consumable Melting Molds is from ₽ 3,600. Check the price and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at 8-800-250-11-83 или отправив запрос на почту
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