Thermite Matches / Thermomatches

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A specialized product – Thermite Matches – is used in electrochemical protection systems to ignite materials and thermite products: copper mixtures, muffle cartridges and patrons. They are also used to make fires. Thermomatch’s burning temperature rises up to 1,300°C.

Maintenance, Transportation and Storage Guidelines for Thermite Matches

These flammable products should be carefully handled, you must follow transportation and storage requirements.
  • Not to get burned, a match must be securely held in pliers at a wire piece or in a holder when it is ignited.
  • The matches can uncontrollably start burning from friction, therefore they should be carried in a metal box. Unburnt matches are placed on an inflammable surface.
  • When packaged, they are horizontally placed in cardboard boxes. Igniting heads must be placed opposite to each other. Parchment paper packaged boxes with the matches are put in polyethylene bags. Each bag contains a label. These bags with the matches are packaged in containers with paraffin-waxed paper or with polyethylene film.
  • The containers are forbidden to throw during loading and unloading to prevent the fire.
  • Thermomatches should be kept in a sealed package in close, aired and dry warehouses at -50 —+ 50 °С and air humidity 80% and less. No direct sunlight, moisture are allowed. It is accepted for the open containers to have no seals, but to be in manufacturer’s package.
  • It is forbidden to keep and to transport flammable product, thermite bulbs, thermomixtures together with the matches.
  • It is forbidden to use open fire, to smoke near thermite matches.
  • The warehouses must be equipped with emergency fire-fighting equipment. It is forbidden to extinguish thermomatches with water when they start burning while being stored.
You can buy thermite matches in the following configuration:
  • a box with thermit matches;
  • a Datasheet.
A guide price for Thermomatches is from ₽ 530. Check the price and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at
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