Reference Electrodes ESMS-E.PVEK

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Copper-Sulphate Reference Electrode ESMS-E.PVEK is used in anti-corrosion cathodic protection system for underground metallic constructions and structures. The device measures the protected element-soil potential, controls and manages a negative potential given to a metallic element by a cathodic protection station.

Specifications and Design

  • ESMS-E.PVEK is delivered together with a back-up electrode with Om-free measurements for the potential of the protected structure.
  • The product is easy to transport and to mount due to space-saving dimensions of the product (130х300 mm, weight of max 3 kg with no cable).
  • Highly accurate measurements are achieved due to the stable value of the electrode’s potential.
  • Prior maintenance there is no need to keep the device in a distilled water or aqueous electrolyte – you can just remove a plug and a protective film from a sensor.
  • The equipment is delivered on a ready-to-use basis.

Installation and Maintenance Recommendations

  • Reference Electrode is buried at the depth of the protected element away at 100 mm.
  • Prior the installation, make sure there are no damages in the outer casing of the sensor and cable.
  • It is recommended to coat a diaphragm and a back-up electrode with local wet soil (which gives maximum effective contact for a sensor with soil).
  • The sensor is vertically mounted with a possible deviation of max 5°.
  • Make sure no impacts or damages of electrode body affect it during its installation.
  • The installation place is filled with local wet soil with no large particles. The soil should be compacted and laid in layers.
  • It is necessary to read a Datasheet and Maintenance Guidelines prior the installation of the unit.
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