Grounding Anode

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What is Grounding Anode?

Grounding Anode is one of the key elements of cathodic protection system. It is connected to positive terminals of current source, thus the protecting current directs into the coils. The anodes are sacrificial to preserve the metal of the protected structures.

If you are thinking of buying a grounding anode, price must not be the main factor. It is an application area and model features which are critical. The managers of EHZ-CENTER help to choose and to buy the grounding anodes and deliver them to you.

Grounding Anodes differ in their arrangement and installation depth. They can be:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • underground;
  • mixed;
  • extended;
  • surface applied.


Grounding anodes AZZhK, ElZhK are vertically or horizontally in all climatic zones in the soils with active corrosive impacts. They are connected to any cathodic protection station.


Special alloys give the anodes low dissolution rate in the most severe operating conditions. You can choose an anode with different arrangements and installation depths.

  • Ferrosilid Grounding Anodes, such as ММ (surface applied), МК (assembled), МG (underground), МGB (assembled underground) and МКG (assembled underground), are manufactured from high-silicon iron cast with dissolution rate of max 0.25 kg/А•year.
  • Surface Applied Magnetite Grounding Anodes МТ and МТК or underground МТ (a chain, a garland) и МТКG are small in size and weight. The dissolution rate is max 0.04 kg/А•year.
  • Grounding Anode Rods МP (extended) are laid along the protected construction. The electrode is coated with corrosion resistance electrochemically active metal oxide.
  • Low-solubility Surface Applied Anodes МRP and МRKP or Underground Anodes МRG and МRKG are manufactured on the basis of nearly insoluble mixed metal oxides. Dissolution rate is 0.01 g/А•year.

You can buy certified Grounding Anodes at EHZ-CENTER. The price depends on the type and features of a product.

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